Push. Talk. Explore.
Connect the world, connect your life.

Product features

This is a set of communication software that uses "talk" as the main axis.
It simulates the communication way of walkie-talkie to press down the button and speak,
and records the time and voice content of each call.

Instant voice call
Instant voice call, fast connecting the distance between friends, can quickly make voice call anywhere.

Live View AR Positioning
Through the AR positioning function, you can easily find the easily find the relative position of yourself and the other person, either direction or distance, you can judge easily.

Communication panel
Provide a quick call page, you can talk to multiple call pages at the same time without the need for complicated page switching.

Interconnecting radio
Integrate the radio to allow the traditional radio to talk to mobile phone, and provide more diversified calling methods.

Easy to tap.
Send the voice messages in real time.

Push To Talk

Push to talk like a real walkie-talkie.
Send the voice messages immediately.

Text to voice

The text messages can be spoken. Know what the text message is immediately when you are currently inconvenient to look at your phone.

Live View AR Positioning.
Easy to get where your friends are.

Get the direction and distance between you and your friends by Live View AR Locating.

Locating permission settings.
Protect your privacy.

You can turn on/off the locating function for each friend or group by the locating permission settings.
The people without your permission will not know where you are.

Talking dashboard

Switch the targets you want to talk in one page.
You can choose up to 4 targets in one page.

Integrated with RoIP Gateway
Work with real walkie-talkies

Providing communication between the smart phones and walkie-talkies through the RoIP Gateway.